Hands-on: HTTP caching with Varnish


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It was a nice workshop, at least for me. Some people didn't setup their machines before the workshop and of course they struggle and leave early. I'm very happy what I learned and can say David was well prepared and explain good and very easy to understand and digest. Good job!

I really enjoyed the hands-on approach to this workshop. The exercises were nice because they were small enough to accomplish quickly, but progressed each lesson with a tangible script to remind us of what we were learning. Perhaps I missed the info, but with the exercises, it would be really handy to have the slides in advance so that you could flip back through them while doing the exercises, and I agree with Anonymous that it would be fun to learn more about real-life applications for each stage of caching. Perhaps a discussion section where the audience is involved in choosing which caching levels/features are beneficial followed by an explanation on why certain levels/features are or are not as helpful as the audience thinks. Great job, David!