LDAP - what was that again?


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Not the biggest LDAP user, so I got enough information to want me to look a bit more into it.

Some feedback I would have is to shorten the history part by a couple of minutes and use the time for authorization or something alike.

Felt a bit like a routine lecture at first, but to be honest, the topic itself is just boring for most developers I know. Still, it did manage to interest me and I'm surely looking forward to doing more LDAP stuff now, so 5/5!

I do have one suggestion though: There was this note about ldap_connect() not actually doing a network connection ... very useful to know, but takes awhile to figure out why it is that way. Explaining that in the talk would be nice. :)

I didn't know almost anything about LDAP before the talk, now I still don't know much, but it was presented engaging enough, to keep me interested the whole time.