News From the Front Lines - an update on Front-End Tech


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Some interesting topics, a really broad overview. But i think it was too broad, given that HTML5 has been around for quite a while now. Focusing on fewer topics and going more into depth would be more interesting.

Anonymous at 21:34 on 26 Sep 2015

Really enjoyed the talk. No matter the fact, that it was a bit too broad, Kevin Bruce mentioned a lot of things new for me and presented me new things to play around with in the next few months!

A good talk which has given me some interesting subjects to discover and learn more about.

A couple of pointers to make a good talk great:
- don't be nervous, on stage you own it and I know you can do it so next time try to be more relaxed
- know your devices!!! if you want to point at something, it's pretty confusing if you're switching slides
- lots of text on your slides in small format, making people trying to read what you're presenting so they don't listen to you no longer. Keep texts short or better… make them graphical.

I know you have it in you, now it's your turn to cut the "Kevinator" loose!!!

Great overview of technology used in the frontend. There was a bit too much text on the slides and IMO the history part could be spiced up with adding a *why* to the how. What it used to be like and why we chose to introduce new things...

All in all though: A great overview of what there even is in the frontend world which makes the "I don't know what I don't know" problem solvable and this gives a basis for people to dig into the different technologies you mentioned.

Thank you!!

Great talk. I had never seen Kevin speak and was not disappointed in his content or delivery.

I've been working on the web since 1996 and I still managed to learn some new things.

Very entertaining talk. But I agree with other commenters, its was too broad.

As a full back-end engineer, it was refreshing to see what happens on the web. Some might consider the area you covered to broad, I enjoyed having it as such.

Two things I would like to point out:
- the device you were using for pointing seemed rather uncomfortable to you, maybe you can get a more usable one to not go back and forth with slides
- you seemed a bit nervous throughout the talk, but I got a chance to talk to you offstage and saw how passionate you are about what you are doing.

I really enjoyed this talk. It gave a broad overview of front end.

The clicker you were using seems to be really uncomfortable for you, and you should really show your passion for the topic, as you shown it when we were talking outside in the hallway