Test, Create, Secure, Repeat


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Wonderful tutorial.

Really great workshop. Thanks!

Really useful workshop, a lot of great advices... Highly recommend...

Very good workshop either for novice or experienced developers.

This was really good workshop. Even I am familiar with testing I heard some good hints. Mike made perfect performance on how to do TDD.

Great tutorial! Thanks!

Such a perfect performance on how to do TDD.

The tutorial was veey well thought through - the gradual code examples/tasks, the real life code samples, the clear explanation of the benefits of TDD, the well stressed distinction between 100% code coverage and actually doing meaningful tests. I enjoyed every minute of it, espesially the part with the usage of logging as a mechanism to inspect/assert legacy code without breaking it.

One thing that might have been usefully (in my personal opinion) is an explanation of the distinction between Fake, Mock, Stub, etc. and when and how to use them (although the information is available in the php unit documentation). Another thing I missed in the tutorial (or maybe I was not paying attention) was abstract class unit testing and using reflections in testing (although the latter was covered in one of your great followup talks).

Having said that, I am fully aware that nobody can cover all the wonders of unit testing in a limited amount of time and I was really pleased with the opportunity of being a part of this great tutorial.

One last thing. This was my first attendance at such an event and I would like to thank you, Michelangelo, for your humble, clear and passionate approach! It means a lot to me!

This workshop's concept is awesome as it gives people a chance to learn about an important part of programming.

I would just love if we coded more, compared our work, discussed. All we did on our computers was checking out branches and writing one test.

Regardless it was very useful for me.