The Accidental Professional


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Anonymous at 10:58 on 27 Sep 2015

Excellent way to kick off the morning. Very good energy, interesting stories, and very well delivered.

Very powerful keynote.

"Must crawl first."

a talk to remember. a life guide. great!

As the end of Day 1, Day 2 started with amazing keynote. Inspiring and reminder - "You need learn to crawl first"

Thank you so much for sharing your expirience!For me it was a real guide on how to live more meaningful life,how pursue your passion and deal with problems! It was just amazing, you are a wonderful person!

Adam, you are one of the speakers that made this conference awesome! Thank you!

Wow! I'm impressed with how you, sir, are able to translate seemingly ordinary life occurrences into a meaningful life lessons. It is not only the things you said, but also your overall general vibe, that is inspiring.