This is a hybrid talk. It will both touch on the human aspects of development and the technical aspects of improving any codebase. CakePHP has been active for quite a while and while the code has matured quite well, we are always facing the constant forces of change the tech world experiences. Where should we head towards? On one hand we have ecosystems with an extreme change rate but also causing greater fatigue in their users, and on the other hand we have the option of not changing at all. How do we balance this two extremes with our limited time? Is it worth living on the cutting edge to achieve relevancy? As a community, CakePHP has also seen tremendous transformations. What can we do at a personal level to improve? What's the secret sauce for contributing to open source and not burning yourself out? I hope to offer an answer to those questions based on my experience of more than 9 years contributing to CakePHP.


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David Yell at 15:17 on 10 Jun 2017

A good talk about using mindfulness when dealing with code. I found it very interesting as someone learning mindfulness, I had not thought about applying it to my coding, and open source interactions. Real food for thought.

Noah Bratzel at 23:10 on 10 Jun 2017

I like when talks cover some of the human aspects of development. I think there was some good points made. I especially agree with the concept of keeping code readable. I'm not sure I 100% agree with the proposed solution idea, but that could be because I don't have enough experience and comfort with that style of coding. But in general, I think then emphasis on readable code is very important.