In 2015, a two man team (Femi & Sunday) built within 3 weeks a system on CakePHP which handled over 32 million transactions in a 24 hour period for the elections in Nigeria. Femi will be taking us through how to create a fail-safe, fault tolerant, high-traffic-ready architecture to handle similar or even higher amounts of traffic using CakePHP. I will also be talking about methods for scaling systems automatically and manually on popular cloud service providers.


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Reads like a good microservice architecture strategy guide. A lot of of info to go through in the short time of the talk, but had good list of pitfalls to look out for. Interesting to hear about microservices in a real world situation.

Very good talk. Nice structure and hands-on pointers for this kind of use-cases. Interesting to see the functionality Google provides through its Cloud Platform.

Ed Barnard at 15:28 on 13 Jun 2017

It was enjoyable to hear such a success story. What an amazing feat accomplished! Femi clearly explained to us a successful implementation of Murphy's Law (if something can possibly go wrong, assume that it will, and plan accordingly). The internet went dark and monitoring via text message... wow. We use microservices though not on this level. Femi gave us an excellent list of things to do, things to watch out for, things to monitor, and so on. I'm proud for all of us to hear of Femi & Sunday's success.

Great taik!!
this talk is based on creasy work, and i allways think about how can i do similler?

I can get too mutch information from this, Thanks!!!