Everyone tells you that you need to. What if you don't want to run an Open Source project? What if you just need something to work? What if you just want to use Open Source, can you still make a contribution? Of course you can! In this talk, we will look at three broad groupings of roles that you can play in any Open Source project. Take a look around, find your role and your project and make a difference.


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Mark Story at 13:53 on 11 Jun 2017

I liked Cal's talk. I think he presented a bunch of great ways that people can become involved in a project without asking them to run a project. The musician analogy translated really well to the various roles in open source and made it easy to understand the opportunities/positions Cal was speaking about.

David Yell at 14:15 on 11 Jun 2017

I enjoyed the concept of this talk and the idea behind it, but I felt it dragged a little. Could be made a little more succinct for my liking.

Ed Barnard at 15:38 on 13 Jun 2017

Cal's performance of this talk was useful to me personally. "Community" is a difficult concept for many of us introverts. It's great to have Cal show us ways we can fit in (contribute), and do it in ways that work for ourselves.