There is a crisis in the tech industry. At least 20% of our colleagues, friends, and teammates suffer silently with mental illness, but our work culture does little to help. Based on real data, we'll show the enormous impact of mental illness in our industry, and how we can change – and save – lives.


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David Yell at 15:19 on 10 Jun 2017

Really enjoyed this talk, as it was important and nice to have mental health issues raised at a conference in such an honest and direct manner.

Very interesting talk. Something we tend to over look and not think about. This is something that really needs to be brought up more and spoken about more. Thank you for bringing it up and in the open

Noah Bratzel at 13:10 on 11 Jun 2017

This talk only lost a star because it was the only talk so far that cost me extra money. ;)
Good informative talk about an issue that I would agree seems to something particularly important for our industry.