In this talk I'll be covering some of the new features that have come out in
3.4. Features like PSR-7 support, new plugins give us more flexibility and allow CakePHP developers to tap into code from outside the CakePHP community. I'd like to follow up a recap of the present, by reviewing the strategy, high-level roadmap and upgrade path we have planned for 3.5, 3.6 and 4.0.


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The talk was insightful. Mark did a good job in making all of us understand how the framework is evolving, what things are to be deprecated, the upgrade process, etc. I had attended your session in Amsterdam as well. My only suggestion is to include an appeal/motivational slide to more contributors in your "framework future" type talks :) Otherwise a fantastic job!

Noah Bratzel at 13:31 on 11 Jun 2017

I found this talk really informative and fascinating, even though it was also somewhat depressing at times for me because of my personal situation with a huge 2.x app.

David Yell at 14:17 on 11 Jun 2017

A well paced talk with good flow from past, to present and future. I enjoyed learning about the challenges that the core team face when thinking about maintaining a large open source project, and how their choices will impact their users.

Very interesting talk! Also, good reminder about how one can depend on CakePHP as a framework and how good they are about support and handling BC. Good insight into their roadmap.

Ed Barnard at 15:16 on 13 Jun 2017

Useful and well structured. We're planning to continue using CakePHP for years to come, so this is important for us to know.