Skynet is still far off, but we can do some serious damage with our data. Using machine learning, we can learn from the data we have, by building algorithms that are taught to understand concepts hidden in our data, and we can benefit from this learning by developing algorithms that produce more meaningful information.

This is a talk aimed to those who may have heard of Machine Learning but have never dwelled on it. It is an opportunity to open our minds to an exciting field filled with possibilities. We will explore the concepts, review the math supporting them (I promise it's fun!), and write some code.

We will cover this fascinating subject with a practical approach: how machine learning can help us build much better products. Maybe even fix Facebook's feed priority algorithm? Who knows, the prospects are unlimited!


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Ed Barnard at 15:31 on 13 Jun 2017

This talk ran out of time, but we'd been having technical difficulties all day. This talk was more than a basic introduction to machine learning; that made the talk more interesting to me. Thank you!