Popular Web platforms are making their apps progressive and it's increasing their conversion rate numbers & helping them acquire more customers in areas of low internet penetration.

The attendees will learn the following about building Progressive Web Apps:

- What a Progressive Web app is
- Key Features of a Progressive Web App
- How to build a Progressive Web App to Work Offline
- How to make a Progressive Web App Installable and send Push Notifications
- Benefits of making Progressive Web Apps
- How CakePHP can serve as a Powerful Backend for making a PWA.


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You can see the passion of Propser and you can see he loves his topic, just think he needs to slow down a bit, with the accent and the speed he talks at it is some times hard to follow where he is in the topic. There is nothing wrong with the talk, just slow down and let us enjoy your passion with you.

Mark Story at 16:02 on 10 Jun 2017

Great content and entertaining slides. I loved the passion and excitement but the combination of speed and volume sometimes made Prosper hard to understand.

Noah Bratzel at 13:16 on 11 Jun 2017

I really liked this talk. He clearly ran out of time, though, and had to rush greatly the last part of the talk. I found it to be a very interesting topic and worth considering as a direction.