Open Calls for Papers

WeAreDevelopers Java Day

21 Sep 2022 @ Online

All things Java! When you think about Java you either think about beautiful tropical islands, a good cup of coffee or that’s right: one of the best known and most important programming languages of a…

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17 Nov 2022 @ Hotel San Marco

Il laravelday è la prima conferenza tutta italiana, nata dalla community per la community, che porta case study reali e best practice raccontati da persone appassionate e professioniste che usano Lara…

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WeAreDevelopers Live - Python Day

5 Oct 2022 @ ONLINE

Python has seen quite a lot of growth in the past years- especially caused by the rising demand for data analysis! Over 30 years ago Guido van Rossum was struggling with one of his projects, a logi…

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