The PHP community is rich with self taught developers from a wide variety of backgrounds because, thanks to efforts from that same community, it is one of the most accessible languages ever created for developing on the web. As a result, many of us are well into our professional lives before we integrate computer science concepts, like algorithms, into our knowledge base. This talk will look at several such algorithms, what they are useful for, but also their limitations and how we can use a clear understanding of the real world context in which we’re using them to create code that performs and serves our users better than the algorithms alone could manage.


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Kevin Boyd at 10:44 on 29 Sep 2019

This talk was chock full of information about aspects of computer science that might be outside the experience of the self-taught developer. Big-O notation, data structures (stacks, heaps, dictionaries, graphs), etc. Some code examples might have helped make the content more approachable, and the transition from Big-O to data structures might have thrown folks for a loop (sorry for the pun) if they weren't readily able to connect the low-level stuff being discussed with the high-level stuff they may have used in the past. Gif game was on point!