This is a discussion about the ins and outs of version control, day to day best practices and how they can lead to a smoother and more predictable software release cycle. Collectively we as developers can all positively affect the open source ecosystem by adopting practices such as atomic commits, conventional commits, and semantic versioning.


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Eric Poe at 11:15 on 20 Sep 2019

I missed most of this talk due to technical difficulties (watching remotely), so this review is based on what I was able catch once the technical issues were resolved.

Mike did a great job of explaining various aspects of git and semver. He even introduced me to Greenkeeper, which is a service I was unaware of but now plan to add to one of my github repos.

As a speaker, Mike has a good, clear voice, so he came across very well via audio.

His slides were well done and were very clear from an accessibility POV.

My one suggestion is brought up due to the audio technical issues. Even though I could not hear the speaker for the first part of the talk, I was able to get his gist from the slides alone (well done!). However, one of the slides said the opposite of his point (something like "Don't use conventional commits." (period). Fortunately, I had the closed captioning to make me realize that this was a point of what not to do.