We are literally in the best industry in the world. Want proof? We create value by turning ones to zeros and vice versa. And almost all of us are incredibly passionate about programming and that creation of value. However, there’s a lot more to creating truly great software than passion and your favorite IDE. It’s about working well with in a team that is a high performing team that is at a company that gives them enough structure to keep them focused but doesn’t get in the way with the process. More of this is in your control than you might expect. We’ll talk about what you can do as an individual to lead through influence to create a high performing team and company culture.


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Dana Luther at 10:07 on 21 Sep 2019

Excellent advise delivered in an incredibly engaging way.

Eric Mann at 15:17 on 21 Sep 2019

Engaging and inspiring.

Matt Trask at 06:29 on 23 Sep 2019

Like always, Josh delivers a great talk about how to be the leader we all want to have.

Kevin Boyd at 11:04 on 29 Sep 2019

A great talk that covered different leadership styles and provided some great examples of servant leadership (and task-oriented leadership), as well as advice on setting goals that are achievable. A solid aspect of the talk was how it approached Diversity, lamenting that we in tech struggle to achieve even the basest level (inherent diversity) - thus depriving ourselves of the diversity of thought needed to truly bring the best ideas forth.