On the surface, the idea of code review is a no-brainer: why wouldn’t we want a second set of eyes on our code, especially before deploying to production?

As we peel back the layers, however, we find that the topic of code review is much more nuanced. How detailed should the review be? Who is qualified to perform the review (hint: it’s not just senior developers)? Can we afford to take another developer away from their project to review this one? What steps can we take to ensure reviews are constructive, rather than demoralizing?

Attendees will gain deeper insight into some of the arguments for and against systemic, peer code review, as well as pick up some useful tools to make code review a natural part of their teams’ workflow.


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Kevin Boyd at 10:33 on 29 Sep 2019

This talk contained a lot of great advice both for existing code reviewers and organizations that are considering implementing code review. I appreciated the examples of highlighting successes and doling out the warm fuzzies. The discussion of bus factor (or lottery factor) was also appreciated, because it helped to establish an important but overlooked benefit of code review: cross-organization education and knowledge sharing.