Although I love seeing an application take shape, I hate styling. It’s so tedious to create all the custom styles and structure the markup. But I have to say, Tailwind has made it a lot better. It’s utility-first design aligns more closely to my developer-brain. Come take a look at this simple, yet powerful framework.


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Adam Culp at 16:08 on 22 Sep 2019

Really like Jason's speaking style. Very informative content, and approachable how-to. I think the talk would benefit from more apples to apples comparison with Tailwind competitors versus marketing hype. The great example turned out to get to the same place as the competition, and on the surface "looked" the same. But for functionality, it is very appealing.

Bill Condo at 07:51 on 26 Sep 2019

I'm always a fan of walking through building something live and Jason pulled it off quite successfully. Personally not a big fan of Tailwind itself, but it does has usefulness in quickly prototyping ideas. Great job!