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Beth gave an interesting and resourceful dive into how mentoring helps knowledge grow at an individual, community, organisation and industry level. Putting forward some great topics / questions you may like to evaluate before getting involved, setting expectations / boundaries and reaching goals both collaboratively and successfully as a team. Delivered informatively with a great sense of honesty, compassion and insight.

Great talk!

Aimee Doggett at 11:15 on 20 Sep 2019

I appreciate your honesty in sharing successes and failures, thank you, a lot of great ideas!

Eric Mann at 11:37 on 20 Sep 2019

Brilliant insight and resources!

Dana Luther at 10:05 on 21 Sep 2019

This was a great overview of mentorship and how to build a healthy relationship. Very encouraging and insightful.

Kevin Boyd at 21:16 on 22 Sep 2019

Excellent introduction to mentor/mentee concepts and how to steer the relationship toward success for both sides.