Once upon a time, I was called a hobbit at a conference and it served as my introduction to the greater PHP community.

This could be a keynote, basically detailing how the community has welcomed me and so many others, helping people with new jobs, mentoring, teaching and so much more.


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Adam Culp at 16:22 on 22 Sep 2019

Really like Matt's open style of sharing, making his approachable by the audience which earned a 4 rating. Though the talk was good, I felt it was more of an intro, or who's who, versus focusing on how a terrible situation unfolded and how Matt rebounded. Based on the abstract I was anticipating hearing an emptional blow-by-blow of what happened, how it was remedied, and what the speaker has done since then. Since I know the speaker, I think his story is amazing. But it was not "really" shared with the audience, therefore the talk without Matt's awesome delivery was really a 3.

Certainly, the who's who was nice, but was not what the talk promised.