When did you stop speaking up? Was it when you were told you were too sensitive? Was it when Bill got credit for the idea everyone said sucked last week? When considering diversity and inclusion, when those generally not in the majority are invited to the table, they aren’t always heard. But how can we encourage diversity of thought? We must encourage thoughtful inclusivity of speakers.

We will look at the ways that teams can encourage those who have been silenced before to speak up and how those that have been silenced can get their voice back.


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Dana Luther at 14:10 on 21 Sep 2019

This was a fabulous presentation - very down to earth and from the heart and structured very constructively. Marlene is very engaging and easy to listen to.

Great job on a first talk and getting through the anxieties that come with it. Delivered a very insightful and enjoyable talk with confidence and clarity.

Eric Mann at 15:15 on 21 Sep 2019

Outstanding presentation, helpful personal anecdotes, and relatable advice for the community. Your insight and viewpoint are HIGHLY appreciated!

Adam Culp at 16:14 on 22 Sep 2019

Really enjoyed Merline speaking. Great content, examples, and open sharing. I also liked the ideas shared on how to improve things and felt motivated to help make things better.