Open Source has largely eaten the Web. If you re working on the Web, you're using Open Source Software, somewhere. it's virtually impossible to avoid. That's because Open Source is a better, cheaper way to build software projects, and gets you lots of free help, too!

Or at least that's the myth. Is it true, though? What actually makes Open Source tick? Is it really better? Why? Why should organizations engage with Open Source, especially when it's supposed to be free, dagnabbit!

Let's take a step back and examine just what the benefits of Open Source really are, and why, and why Open Source is not a spectator sport.


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Eric Mann at 09:56 on 21 Sep 2019

Great content, great points. Solid opening history of open source.

Dana Luther at 10:09 on 21 Sep 2019

Excellent overview of Open Source, why it’s important and why we should be involved.