Being an ally is a clumsy process. It can be awkward, scary, and confusing. But don’t let that stop you.

In this talk, Craig will share his ongoing bumbling journey toward being a better ally for women in tech. He’ll uncover common pitfalls, mansplain misconceptions, and explore much needed self-realizations he’s reached through research and experience. He’s gonna make mistakes. And it’s going to be alright.


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Great talk from a perspective we don't often hear from.

Great content, but I can’t help feeling like having a straight, white, cisgendered man give this talk feels contrary to “speak up, not over” rule

Patrick Tsai at 21:46 on 15 Sep 2018

Really liked this presentation, great speaker with great experiences. Would have liked the 50/50 rule to be applied for female perspective and allocated time.

Great talk.
I shared this information with my team 1st thing Monday morning.

Nour Akalay at 03:42 on 20 Sep 2018

Craig Dennis shares his journey with humility. He talks about his family, his work, and the process of discovering one's biases and addressing them in an environment that isn't necessarily conducive to that. I know thinking about his words on mansplaining made me feel highly uncomfortable with myself. Definitely food for thoughts.