The OpenAPI Specification has hit 3.0 and thats incredible! But what does that mean for developers? What tooling is available for PHP developers to develop against this spec? We will take a look at an API that will be pre-built and understand how it fits in with the OpenAPI Spec, how we can build our workflow around the OpenAPI Spec.

This talk will feature some *ugh* Javascript.


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A great look at what can be done with the OpenAPI spec, with a good, relatable example API.

Matt could cut back on the self-deprecating humor, however ?

Ian Littman at 10:20 on 15 Sep 2018

What Steve said. Flow could've been cleaned up to give you an extra 3-4 minutes of talk time, which would've allowed for a deeper dive on pieces of the process, or allowed time for questions.

Tim Lytle at 11:05 on 17 Sep 2018

What Matt lacks in height, he definitely makes up in humor. His API spec talk was exactly the right tone for an end of day talk.

He kept things moving as he showed an example spec and the tooling that could turn it into documentation, language specific SDKs, mock APIs, etc.

Probably could have gone a bit deeper, but it was a short talk.

Which, let's be honest, is fitting.

I learned a lot.
I like the humor as well.
Tech does not have to be dry.