Do you TDD or BDD? Why not both? Come learn the "Double Loop" workflow and discover how you can use both Behavior Driven Development and Test Driven Development to write well designed, tested and documented code. Double Loop works for lone engineers, small teams or entire product departments. I'll cover the steps you'll take in the workflow in detail with best practices for behavior testing, integration testing and unit testing.


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nice work.
one bug in your example code!
Also, maybe address the question of why this additional step in testing is not overkill

Craig Dennis at 12:37 on 14 Sep 2018

Excellent job introducing terms and concepts yet maintaining an advanced workflow. Awesome use of real world examples and slides that almost produced animated workflows.

Thanks Jessica!

Ann Gaffigan at 14:06 on 14 Sep 2018

This is the first time a presenter has given me a clear understanding of TDD vs BDD. I really appreciated the thorough presentation and the helpful handout! Thank you.

Very well delivered talk full of useful information. TDD and BDD are things that can always be done better (I certainly know I could do better), and this talk certainly aims to improve that!