There’s no escaping it. Chronic pain due to postural imbalance, repetitive-use injuries, and a sedentary lifestyle is one of the most costly and debilitating challenges facing society today.


The human body didn’t evolve for the purpose of a sedentary lifestyle. Our bodies are designed to move. And yet our busy digital and technology-driven lives have created serious problems for ambitious workers, innovators, and entrepreneurs.

We spend hours a day sitting at our computers, at our desks, and in our cars. We live each day with minimal whole-body movement. We slump over our iPhones, workstations, and dinner tables.

Extensive research shows that Sitting Disease—or the state of physical, mental, or emotional pain that results from being sedentary—is greatly to blame. You’re probably familiar with a number of the symptoms—everything from neck and back pain to depression, obesity, heart disease, and even cancer.

A growing and costly problem, Sitting Disease is one of the cornerstones of so many acute and chronic health-care conditions today.

Let me share the real-time application of the science and evidence-based research through experiential learning so that you to take action and lead your organization and our communities in optimizing their performance and lives!


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An incredibly informative talk that made me realize just how terrible my posture is. Great, actionable steps that sedentary works such as myself can use to be more active in our daily lives.