Living and working with mental illness is difficult. The stresses of our lives only make the struggle harder. Sometimes it becomes too much and something needs to give. I will share my personal story and how I've learned to take care of myself while making a safer and healthier work for my colleagues, family, and friends.


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Not since the first time I heard Ed Finkler has a mental health talk been such an emotional, impactful experience. Samantha is already a fantastic speaker, but this talk is incredible.

Craig Dennis at 15:01 on 14 Sep 2018

Powerful, enlightening and inspiring!

Thank you for sharing Samantha

Great storytelling and great info!

Sharlee Bryan at 16:52 on 14 Sep 2018

Very powerful and moving presentation! Thanks for sharing your story and making a difference and moving mountains for mental health.

Very enlightening thank you for sharing all that.

Miro Svrtan at 11:43 on 15 Sep 2018

Great talk about overcoming issues and lot of problems about mental health we have in our tech community (altought some of the issues are US specific, things like healthcare)

Thank you for opening up yourself, I'm not that brave and not sure if I will ever find that strength

Thank you so much for sharing, Samantha. The openness and honesty is needed right now, we have to all start talking about this stuff more.

Demin Yin at 02:55 on 16 Sep 2018

Thanks for sharing Samantha. Your talk reminded me again to care more about the people around me, especially psychologically.

Wow. Just wow. Huge impact, massively emotional, a critical message that needs to be shared. Thanks so much Samantha for opening up to us all!

Honestly, I wondered about the topic in a tech conference.
I was so totally wrong.
What a powerful story and one that I think everyone took something away with - I did.
You could hear a pin drop - everyone was so involved in the talk.
Many thanks for sharing your experience and the importance of this topic.
I shared the story with my team first thing Monday morning.
Cheers, Mullins

A at 13:27 on 19 Sep 2018

I agree with David's review: "You could hear a pin drop". Samantha really got the attention from her audience. The talk definitely made me think about mental illness, and how we can be 'an ally' to others. However, I find it very disrespectful to say f***-ing at least 20 times in a talk. Doing so is a choice, a way of presenting. One of Samantha's slides was about RESPECT. Hearing this talk created friction in me, hence the 3/5 score.