The world we live in is one where data is one of the most valuable assets. There are many different pieces of data we can analyse on all kind of data from analytics of user behaviour of your platform, user generated content, monitoring of exception rates, or when your core business model is to provide some kind of analytics platform. In this talk we’ll dive into how you can, in your PHP applications, perform some simple trend analysis techniques to build models, analyse data to get useful information and spot anomalies using machine learning techniques; and how those machine learning techniques can be applied to other day-to-day scenarios too.


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Great talk. Lots of great info and just the right amount of math to get people started without getting bogged down in too many details.

Patrick Tsai at 21:42 on 15 Sep 2018

This presentation helped me understand the basics and inspired me to learn more. Great presentation.

Really useful talk for me personally, looking at ML at a level I've not done before. Took some key points away that I now need to go and spend more time investigating - thanks Michael!

I loved this talk, Michael had such great examples, and I felt like I came away with a much better understanding of some of the hot buzzwords people throw around when talking about ML.