Discuss the current GraphQl frameworks and what new one is shaping up to be the best GraphQl framework. General Introduction to GraphQl and what are the reasons to choose to develop your API using this format versus a more traditional REST API. Make the lives of your front end developers easier.


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There was a lot of great info in here. I think the presentation can be a lot smoother, by moving code and examples into the same tool as the slides, because a lot of time was spent on switching applications and fixing display issues.

I also think a better definition in the beginning of exactly what GraphQL is, and some examples of using it would have been helpful at the beginning, because I think the audience was still confused about what they would use GraphQL for - maybe an example of a FE app actually using it vs a REST API and showing how much easier it is for them to request the different data they want using GraphQL over REST.

A great intro to GraphQL, though the switch to live coding was disruptive and harder to follow than the introductory slides