In this talk, world renowned Magento developer Alan Storm returns to conference speaking and will teach you everything you ever wanted to know about Magento 2 module development, (or as much as he can cram in a 50 minute hour)

Alan will be live coding a Magento 2 module using code generation tools, and along the way will discuss changes made since Magento 1, how Magento's approach compares with other modern PHP full stack frameworks, and survival tips for dealing with real world Magento problems. Beginners will leave with the basics they need to start making Magento 2 do things, while more experienced developers will leave with a better of understanding of **why** Magento does things the way they do and the trade-offs involved in long term development and legacy maintenance of a PHP framework.


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Thanks Alan,
Just moved an eCommerce site over to Magneto 2 and putting all the pieces together - well trying to anyway.
Great information.

Thank you for your comment at the end regarding other coder's work, i.e. don't poo poo someone else's work - have respect for it. I shared this with my team.
I totally agree. Like you said, you don't know the situation, or why they came to using that code, so you can't really comment negatively on it. Use it for your own knowledge, but never be negative.
We are all in this together.
Thanks man,