Kids, Uncle Cal has been around the career block a few times. Depending on how you define the term “job” I have held more than 15 jobs in my adult career. This doesn’t include side-hustles, moonlighting, or wild ideas. I’ve worked for the good, the bad, and the ugly; and trust me, there is a lot of ugly out there.

In this talk we’ll examine a few of the life-lessons I’ve learned the hard way. Some of them will be interesting, some of them insightful, some of them silly. Regardless, these lessons were generally learned by making big enough mistakes. Spend a little time with me, learn the lessons I’ve learned so that you don’t repeat my mistakes. You are then free to go make your own new mistakes.


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Great talk, Uncle Cal!

Good for the younger crowd to hear.

A at 12:49 on 19 Sep 2018

Mr. Evans (I consider myself one of the 'Kids' he addressed his talk to) shared a lot of his experiences. I liked the 'progress' texts in his slides; e.g. 'Time to wake up your neighbor' :) You'd hear and see he's done a lot of talks. He stands there confident and makes a joke every now and then. I think his performance was good. It's just that I disagree with the contents because the talk was so money-oriented. I also don't get the 'speakers spend like $1500 on a talk'. To me it seems that people who've given talks get a LOT of exposure, which results in many tangible and untangible outcomes. In the end everybody has to decide for themselves whether it's worth a time / travel / energy investment, I think. One of his lines was to 'maximize profit' when working and that the relation between a company and an employee is like a transaction. I really missed the emotional point of view, and felt there was a big focus on profit and money, which I didn't feel comfortable about. In case I misinterpreted the gist of the talk, I'd really like to know. (and if so, I'd be happy to change this rating)

Miro Svrtan at 16:52 on 22 Sep 2018

Great keynote!

Thank you Cal for sharing your wisdoms with us