Advice for young developers: Get the job and stay cool


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An unexpectedly open talk with a personal touch that I found myself nodding to in agreement every slide. Well done especially for a first-time speaker!

Well done. Sometimes the accent was a bit hard to follow for me as a non native English speaker, but overall it was well presented. I think this would be great for students entering the job market. I doubt there were a lot of those in the ccxx audience, but it was entertaining nonetheless.

Good talk to inspire youngsters. I think it's great you reflect the things on yourself. Try to look around the audience more next time. Your eyes were fixed on your slides most of the time.

Good talk, I think it's good to get a reminder regularly to keep thinking about what you want in stead of settling for something less. I just quit my job for that exact reason.

You where obviously nervous and there are some tricks to remedy some of that. Things like try to pour your water and fix you mic beforehand, or take some time to fix it. You could get a cheatsheet so you do not have to look at the screen so often.

You talked about very interesting and inspirational subjects, I think its a cool talk specially for beginners.

But for me, as non native English speaker, it was very hard to understand. And I really wanted to hear your story.

If you could talk a bit slower, it would be great for the general audience, as we are in an international conference with people from many different countries.

For me as someone who is just looking for the one job this talk was very inspirational and made me think throughout the conference, thanks for that.

As a tip for next time: If you're speaking to an international crowd as a native English speaker, speak slower, it's difficult to understand.

You've mentioned some nice things to think about, really good! Like others already mentioned, just a little too hard to follow, but that's probably because of your first time speaking. Work a bit on that and you'll be fine!

Great talk about some things I experienced not so long ago.
Inspiring content, good pace, but the accent was kind of hard to understand.

Very nice talk. Especially for young devs looking for a job, but had some nice insights and tips for also more seasoned developers. As others have already said, it was a little bit hard to understand at times but didn't bother me that much. Also a bit nervous at the beginning but the talk kept getting better towards the end. Especially liked the open and personal feel that really came through to the audience.

A great talk, really interesting and nice to hear someone share their experiences and "tell it like it is".

You seemed to bounce between looking at your laptop, briefly looking at the audience before turning to talk to your slides, a bit like a 2d game character that can't make up it's mind which direction to go in :-P
Maybe have your laptop more in front of you so that you can face it and the audience at the same time and pretty much ignore the large screen behind you.

I understood you fine but then I lived in Leeds for a quite a while, so for this setting you definitely need to slow down a little bit.
Great talk though, lots of really good advice!

Anonymous at 19:15 on 15 Nov 2013

Good talk, great advice. Accent was difficult at points and speaker might need more practice, sometimes the talk just seemed like random tidbits, didn't always fit together and a crack about developers who didn't study at uni seemed a bit rude. Interesting stuff though, lots of discussion about this one.

Thanks for the advice all! I was wary of my accent before I started and when I relax I need to pay more attention to it.

Didn't have a go at devs who didn't go tu Uni though, as far as I'm aware, just said it would be more likely with tuition fee increases in the UK but maybe lost in translation :-)