Building Better Developers


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Great talk with very nice slides

Very engaging. Nice stories. Proper keynote material!

You're on imdb. 'Nough said!

Anonymous at 15:15 on 9 Nov 2013

Awesome talk! Great topic, delivered in a sublime way! Best talk of the conference.

Very nice talk. The only thing I missed is a summary at the end and the titles of all the movies you referenced.

Other than that... a perfect talk.

Great talk. Nothing more to say.

Excellent talk. Loved it as much as the first time I saw it at phpnw13.
A proper keynote.

The best developers miss one hand and hold a sword in the other (how do they code?). Great talk giving great advise for some of the potholes I might run into the comming years, thanks!

Really nice and inspirational talk, with awesome slides :) although you ruined Linus Torvalds image for me, I enjoyed the talk a lot.

I've seen this talk 3 times now I believe and I'm STILL enjoying it, I guess that says it all, this is a flawless talk and I will never get tired of Rowans presenting style.

Once again I enjoyed your presentation. Good build up, nice flow, and easy to follow. Like Ross Tuck, and Lorna Mitchell, you inspire people to get better at what they do!

Great talk with lots of great references to movie, music, ...

Very nice talk. Presented in a very engaging and clear way. Had some nice stories and also many useful tips and advice that can be used in practice.

Still found it inspirational, funny and engaging, even though I'd only seen it 3 weeks before at PHPNW. But this time I could read the code sample, yay :-)
Great talk!