Environments, line up! Vagrant and Puppet 101


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Excellent talk, practical and to-the-point with clear code examples. Very impressive for a first-time speaker!

Good well paced talk. Could use a few screenshots of actual results (the "look it's working" slides). Other than that, you might want to highlight even more how cool vagrant actually is with some more usecases.

Well done, if you hadn't mentioned that it was your first time speaking nobody would have noticed. Came across clear and calm.

Anonymous at 15:08 on 9 Nov 2013

Nice talk, keep on giving talks! Good basic intro into vagrant/puppet.

Very nice introduction to vagrant and puppet (or other provisioners). Can't think of anything to improve right now.

Nice talk and to the point. It would be nice to see a few more use cases.

Its nice to see other developers being entheusiastic about this subject and its refreshing to see a different view on the same subject. I think jelrik did a very fine job as a first time presenter. Personally, i would try and give a few more examples on how to do certain things (it was often: do this, and then it will work and does that). Also, not everything you said and showed was (100%) correct, but the ideas were, so no worries there.

I agree with Danielle and Ivo: very impressive and no-one would have noticed. The talk had a good pace with clear slides.

Only thing I noticed in this audience that wasn't obvious to everyone: how (or more to the point: "that") you can use puppet in a production environment, without it being virtual. Maybe making this really explicit would help to make people see that "Vagrant is cool" even more?

Great talk I will use vagrant! About puppet: when being pushed by other people to include other systems, I would do some research on them, or leave them out. Your approach resulted in me being impressed by the ease of puppet, but not sure if I should use it or not.

I would never guess it was your first talk. You were very calm and the message was very clear and well delivered. I'm pretty sure those who never used vagrant before got very interested in experimenting it after watching your talk.

I think it would be cool to see a live demonstration, just to get people more excited about it :)

I used to be scared of vagrant and puppet, not anymore because Jelrik made it look so easy. I can totally do this!

Also: +1 on everything Erika said.

I didn't noticed this was your very first talk, up until you said the following: "I would really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really really, really, like your feedback on joind.in so I can improve myself", in different high and low pitch voices.

I found your talk nice and clear, hope to see more of your talks in the future.

Nice and clear talk, good pace and very interesting.
Great intro on Vagrant and Puppet

Nice intro talk that shows maybe I should spend a bit more time trying to get puppet to be nice to me :-)
No one would have guessed it was your first time speaking, the presentation style was really clear and seemed well rehearsed. Some of the text was a bit hard to read though, such as the red on black.
Otherwise really good, thanks :-)