Just Google it! – How to become a better developer using search


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I liked the concept of this talk and it gave me some new tricks I can use to improve my searches. The presentation itself could be better, it was a little slow and boring at times. The actual use cases and live demo were interesting.

Anonymous at 15:06 on 9 Nov 2013

Got one good tip; Google can filter on Reading level. Quote nice tip, but the rest of the talk was all quite basic stuff. I think most developers at a conference can google quite well.

There where some great tips in the talk, and features in google that I didn't knew existed. They where however spread over quite a long talk. The stuff that I found interesting could have been told in 10 minutes.

Still I've ran into a lot of people that use google totally wrong and don't know how to format a query to it. Even some seasoned developers. So I think it's a good thing to explain, just not to me.

In my opinion, it was a very informative talk and with a lot of good tips. I really liked the firefox tab plugin, for instance.

I think some parts, specially in the beginning, could be more dynamic because most of the people there already knew the basics.

Most people already know the basics of HOW to actually use google, and I believe the talk could be focused more on the specific things, like the related sites was a good tip, also the tab plugin, I didn't know about that.

I found it nice to see someone focus on the search skills of the developer, since this is our first and biggest resource. The live searches where a nice addition to your presentation.

Some tips for optimization:
- Maybe split the talk into two separate ones: one for the starting user of google, one for the more advanced user? I feel like you have a lot of knowledge on this subject, and that you are trying to fit it all into one single talk, which made it a big chunk to digest at once.

- Timebox your presentation: --dry-run your presentation a couple of times, see how long it takes and tweak on it. This means having to leave out some stuff you might think is really awesome, but saves some time for other awesome stuff. You can always end the presentation by saying: speak to me if you want some more tips and tricks, or, check my blog for a full list of awesome things you can do with google.

I hope to see more of your talks in the future!

Considering this was your first talk, it was actually pretty good.
Like Caroga said you might want to dry-run your presentation a couple of times and tweak it if necessary.

The style of presenting was really nice, learned a few cool things.

Nice talk with some very interesting tips and tricks (love the Tree Style Tab add-on for Firefox).

A somewhat basic talk but there were a few tips there that I shall take away.
Was also interesting to consider things like imposter syndrome in this context, though whether this really fit into a search talk or indicated that actually the talk scope could be widened to how individual developers can help themselves whilst dealing with these issues I don't know.

The slides were really well done though and the presentation style was great, so really well done for a first talk!