Team Plaatjes: Building JS Applications with Vector Graphics


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Although graphics normally don't get me excited, you managed to add playing with svg to my todo list :) great talk presented in a clear and funny way. Ta da!

I did not know what to expect from this presentation. A few minutes into his presentation made me already addicted to the subject and I wanted to immediately work with SVG!
His presentation is very well build up, straight forward and very fun to watch.

Great presentation! Easy to follow code examples, and very interesting topic and concept. Made me want to do some graphics programming again. Also very good and solid presentation style, enjoyed it a lot.

You talked about two things that one put together make me run away in fear. You did in such a way I only ran far enough to still hear to you talk!

Great talk as always.

I hate working with graphic elements so I wasn't really sure if I would be able to keep myself focused on the entire talk but is was indeed very interesting and very illuminating as well.

I don't really know if you have a NDA of some kind (I assume there is), but it would have been nice to show some example screenshots of the final product, in order to show the audience what you can achieve when you put some effort and time in it, beyond some basic examples.

Even though graphics is not my thing, this talk was a good introduction on svg. Ross is a very good speaker and finds always ways to make his talks pleasant.

Very entertaining yet again!
I like fooling around with graphics but found it very nice to see this "developery" approach to creating and transforming boxes.
Ross showed that if you just take some time to think about it beforehand, messing around with canvas or svg can really be done in an intelligent way.
A very good intro into the possibilities of canvas/svg as well with self explanatory code samples.

Ross as always. I enjoyed the talk, but i got the impression that the talk was about something ross and team implemented in a project, but instead it was an introduction on svg. Still nice, but was a bit dissapointed at the end that there was no examples on what they actually had build.

Ross... What can I say, that guy delivers his talks flawlessly every time. The way things moved on screen and he timed what he said, and how he moved his hands, and also how he incorporated humour kept us all engaged even after the lunch dip!

Thank you for yet another great talk, I certainly learnt a lot of things about SVG's, and I'm so gonna play with 90's flashback websites but with new technology, you're gonna hate it ;)

Great talk, good pace and great content.
Never knew there was an alternative for SVG in ie < 9

Nice talk, I wasn't too sure what to expect but like many I had no real need to go near svg but am no thinking "hhmmm, this could actually be pretty interesting".
Great presentation style, very engaging