The Mikado Method


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The talk felt (and was) a bit short, but I'm not sure if there was more to tell about the technique :) it was well brought and nice to listen to. Maybe you can think of more benefits you can get by using the technique to lengthen it, like estimation and planning.

I found it really short, maybe you can use that time to go into a practical example on let's say swapping Doctrine with Propel in a demo "My first blog" or something.

Anonymous at 15:14 on 9 Nov 2013

Really short talk, don't rely on questions. Would love to see a bit more concrete/clear explanation about the method. It wasn't really clear why reverting code is good or when the mikado method really shines.

I agree that a small demo would have been nice to have, including some complex cases, such as a sub task that depends on another feature or something like that. With that, you would fill in the time gap and the message would come over better.

Unfortunately I didn't arrive in time or the start of the talk and I couldn't really get into it afterwards. My mistake, very sorry about that.

As far as presentation goes I think you did a pretty good job: good and clear voice and some nice hand drawn slides to go along with a well delivered talk.
You explained afterwards the reason it was so short was that you forgot some stuff; maybe due to nerves or something.
Don't be discouraged though; maybe keep a cheatsheet with the important points to make next time and you're there!

Pascal was presenting and talking in a nice and clear way that certainly kept me engaged. The talk was a bit short and I realise this may have been nerves, that otherwise didn't show.

I liked how you engaged the crowd last time I saw you give this talk and how you were incorporating the mikado method while giving the talk, it might be an idea to keep that piece to as others say: Give more of a real life example and engaging people.

It's the second time I watch this talk, and I still got many cool insights and tips; was well presented and very interesting. It was a bit short, I think if you could add a "live demo" as you did in the first time it would be great.

Like I said, didn't want to miss out on your talk. While still a bit sleepdrunk I managed to get in time for your awesome talk. I liked the way you explained the Mikado Method and the nice slides.
Maybe next time add some cheatsheet to your presentation, like Petra suggested. 'Cause I think that you only have much more awesome things to share.

Anonymous at 19:06 on 15 Nov 2013

Really interesting topic but ran too short. Speaker seemed very nervous, was very obvious which was sad because he was actually doing a really good job. Still, promising subject and promising speaker.