Untangle your stylesheets with Sass & Compass


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Great talk! Clear slides, good to understand, interesting topic and fun to listen to!

For me this was today's most practically useful talk. Fun too even though some of the jokes cane across as scripted.

A great introduction in Sass. There where some @mixin examples I couldn't understand though.

Strong speaker, but I already use Sass (and Less, I'm not a Sasshole like you've called yourself) so the actual talk didn't gave me any new insights, but it was entertaining nonetheless.

Would have given you 4 stars, where it not that you've Rick-rolled us.

Great and very funny talk, cool slides. Although I'm not a front-end developer, I got very interested in Sass and was surprised by what can be done with it. Nice rocket!

The Rick-Roll was kind of weird really. A nice "I would like to start" would have been better IMHO. Ah well.

It was very nice to see someone that excited like you about SASS, I liked the little jokes you made during your talk and the interaction with the audience was good as well. Tricking us into remembering some stupid numbers was a nice and neat trick to keep our attention, kudos for that. I will most definitely take a look into using SASS or LESS.

Great talk, nice pacing, good interaction with the audience.
Really liked the rick-roll to get everyone's attention

Entertaining talk with useful and practical content. I have just started using SASS so this was especially useful for me at this time and I will definitely come back to the examples in the slides, they were very clearly explained and helped me understand all the different things that SASS can do.

A great intro talk with really good slides presenting clear examples. It would have been nice just to mention the spriting ability that compass has even if you don't go into it much as that is one of my favourite things about compass and is a great selling point if people are unsure about using sass and compass or not.

Really great to see examples like the rocket of crazy things that you can do with sass should you want to.
Are you going to be posting your slides link anywhere? I'd like to send them round the office