Working for FUN


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You clearly have fun in your work as a programmer, but the talk itself was sometimes a bit boring for me.. The animated gifs are fun, but I would suggest to not leave them on the screen while talking, I found them a bit distracting. But at the end, I think you managed to bring a message across: programming is fun!

Great ideas in your talk! I think it would help to shorten the use cases of your own projects and talk more about the practical stuff you touched on (such as how to get involved with GitHub and how to tackle personal projects). Tell people how they can start having fun programming right away, so they won't even wait 'till they get home to start their new project!

Very nice presentation. Put a smile on my face many times :) And important message, far too many people take programming too seriously. I had some minor difficulties hearing or understanding at times, but nothing too drastic. Just something to improve upon in the future.

Not attended in Person. But slides are awesome.

Enjoyed this talk. At the start you were a little nervous, but as you progressed your enthusiasm took over and it became very enjoyable. From a content perspective there wasn't a lot to learn but the stories were interesting to hear. Would've loved to hear more about the (technical) challenges you encountered.

Unfortunately I missed a part of the presentation, but what I did see I liked a lot. And those slides!!

Fun talk!

I agree with Jeroen in the sense that the animated gifs were a bit distracting.

Some parts of the talk (in the beginning) were a bit boring and lacked a bit of flow, but the slides after the first part were ok. It could have been the nerves that played a role there.

The ending was pretty good. My suggestion would be to keep the focus only on the projects you have worked with and to tell a bit more history of fotomontagens during the presentation to build up a steady pace towards the end.

Positive energy, memorable quotes, inspiring ideas. Thanks!

Enjoyed the talk, it was my first and a warm welcome to the conference.

Especially liked the parts where you demonstrated the actual effects of adding fresh content to FotoMontagens and the negative effects of the server crash. This and the fact that you've found a niche where you can generate a decent amount of advertisement income while having enough spare time to create fun projects is awesome. Loved the great zoltar, fabgit and placephant.

Some criticism
Some of the slides where a bit distracting.
You where a little over excited at certain points, staying calm might help you find the correct English words.
Could be that you've put a little too much into one talk, Reviewing the slides I noticed I've forgotten certain parts.

I agree 100% with Camilo's comment, this talk was GREAT and if you do it more as a "Look what I did, working for FUN really does work!" it would be even greater. I could notice some nervousness but this surely will go away with practise.

Thanks for a great talk and I learnt a couple of things as well, you indeed have to know what the masses want, and even if you don't feel like it: Add what they want and revenue will come, make sure to keep your projects alive and change, and you can ACTUALLY work for yourself, with fun stuff :D

Thanks everybody for the feedback =) I will do my best to improve and learn with my mistakes. It was really a great experience, my first international conference talk, and I could learn so much with your feedback. <3

Very much enjoyed your talk! Positive energy, well used quotes from famous programmers and used good facts to give your statements more power. I like that!

Great vibe during the talk, lots of positive energy.
Looks like working for FUN, really pays off

A nice enthusiastic talk that really inspired me to get stuck in building my own projects, whatever mad or crazy thing they turn out to be :-)

It was nice to see the projects that you've worked on, but I feel the talk was trying to cover to much. It either should have been about your projects, what you've learnt and how you managed to go about setting up and managing them so that they can earn you a decent living.
Or it should focus more on how you got your ideas, things that people can do to get ideas and how they can maximise their time and justify working on these projects.
It just felt a bit like 2 talks in one.

Great slides though and overall well presented, minus a few nerves showing through and the endlessly repeating gifs. Keep up the good work! :-)