Mentoring Developers


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If you are thinking about mentoring, this is the talk for you! Elizabeth talked about what different levels of people need from a mentor (e.g. beginners need a lot, etc) and also how to handle being a mentor and having patience.

Elizabeth gave a great presentation over the ins and outs of mentoring.

Receiving and passing on knowledge with the old fashioned apprenticeship. Great talk from Elizabeth that overviews mentorship and provides current examples in the PHP community to assist with this.

... ! AWESOME. As someone who recently became a mentor this gave me some tips and tricks how to go about mentoring them, and also how to actually look for someone to mentor me! :)

As someone who's been a mentor in the past (and honestly wasn't that great at it), this was a great talk / set of tips. I wish I had gotten this presentation when I was a mentor.