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Like this talk and have always agreed with the manifesto - I think it impacted the way the "next generation" of PHP tools has developed. Would love to hear a bit more thoughts on the direction that PHP is now headed. I do have to disagree a bit with learning how the "guts" of the things you use work - even PHP or apache. Just knowing the basics help as much as knowing the basics of PHP while using a framework ;)

This was a great talk. Ed explained a lot of the issues when choosing a current full-stack framework when you only need a few select components to achieve your goal.

Finkler speaks out against the current trend of 'full stack' frameworks and outlines why smaller code is better and easier to maintain.

It is very true what Ed explained, smaller code is much nicer, something everyone should do tbh! I loved the presenting style and the message that came trough in this one :)

Elizabeth: I hope it didn't sound like I was discouraging people from learning how the low-level stuff works – it can be extremely useful.