Project Triage and Recovery


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Data is king. How can you know where you are going without knowing where you've been. Good talk that covers the need to collect data on where your project is so you can go forward.

Keith did a great job describing ways to find out what bugs your app has and of those which should be fixed first. His presentation also gave a great look into opensource development and some of the hardships that opensource projects tend to face (primarily the lack of funds and slow development times).

Now THIS was a great talk. The way Keith explained how to actually go about in a project like this gave me a lot of tips and tricks in a project I currently work on, and was really useful for me and I learnt a lot of new things from this. I am also really impressed to hear the story that he had to tell and how it all worked out.

In these situations I have before been too tempted to rewrite (and it's also what I did) but now afterwards, I realise that actually fighting the bull can work at times too, even though it would be a long journey.