Advanced Concept of Caching


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The topic is basic but still very important. Unfortunately the speaker was a bit too quick in the explanation. Also, the slides were not always clear. I suggest to add a "Summary" to the talk and divide it into several "Chapters", with significant breaks between them, i.e.
* aside cache
* read/write through
* write behind
* know your data
* conclusions

Anonymous at 14:39 on 1 Dec 2014

I would have preferred some more details on the single patterns, a comparison and some real use case.

Anyway a good talk!

The talk ended 20-30min earlier... probably due to an advanced use of caching :-D (it's a joke Mathilde!)

Interesting talk, malfunctioning slides, had to pay really close attention but I didn't get away with much. It worked good as an introduction to those concepts, anyway.

Not bad, but not particularly good either. A discrete introduction to caching.

Anonymous at 14:06 on 2 Dec 2014

The speaker was too fast, the slides were not readable.
She did not start a Question Time at the end of the talk.

All these aspects made the talk very confuse: it was quite difficult to watch out all the speech.

Anonymous at 08:41 on 11 Dec 2014