Awesome application in 2014


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great talk, probably the best one of this edition!!

Anonymous at 16:13 on 29 Nov 2014

awesome, everything was so clear.

Back to basics. With a talk that is both funny and serious, the speaker reminds us how that you CAN do excellent code with PHP. One of those talks that should be replayed at every conference.

Anonymous at 15:59 on 1 Dec 2014

Funny talk... and no more.
The description of this session made me initially think about a totally different subject. The speaker introduced us with a too much long and generalized description of PHP's "pro and cons", then it switched to the evergreen problem of "business vs programmer"... something that wasn't actually related to the main subject.
"Excellent code with PHP"? Where? Maybe in the last part, when some DDD, TDD, <X>DD methodologies have been roughly introduced? In my opinion, that was a quick and useless attempt to talk about some random programming principles and nothing else.

giusto balance tra scope e profondità dell'argomento molto utile. il DDD e il BDD sono tecniche di cui tutti dovrebbero conoscere almeno i fondamentali. peccato che ti abbia penalizzato l'inconveniente tecnico iniziale, forse potevi recuperare andando più veloce sulla introduzione

Anonymous at 19:18 on 8 Dec 2014

A me è piaciuto, mi ha fatto ridere e mi ha fatto conoscere il Domain Driven Design, e il tell don't ask, che sto approfondendo.