Don't make me think. There's no need.


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The talk is very, very interesting and the speaker was able to keep the audience engaged all the time. I definitely learned some new tricks.
I have some doubts about the length of the intro. As a coder, I was particularly interested to see real web/applications examples of the "don't think" behaviours, and they appeared only after a while.

Anonymous at 10:32 on 1 Dec 2014

Best talk of the conference, with great content and brilliant execution. Speaker covered topics that it would have been impossible for a developer/designer to learn through books or blog posts. He also entertained me, always keeping me "awake".

Anonymous at 16:00 on 1 Dec 2014

Excellent talk and excellent speaker.

Anonymous at 13:35 on 2 Dec 2014

Anonymous at 14:03 on 2 Dec 2014

Steve performed a very interesting performance. He engaged the audience in the best way.

Good the speaker's idea to share the bibliography used for the presentation.

I did not found so many fresh arguments in this talk.

Anonymous at 22:52 on 5 Dec 2014

Interesting talk. Very good speaker.