Laziness, trampolines, monoids and other functional amenities: this is not your father's Java


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Mario is great, but sometimes it is so difficult to follow him... I need 20 points of IQ more so I remove them from the votes ;-)

Anonymous at 19:37 on 1 Dec 2014

Anonymous at 20:34 on 1 Dec 2014

Mario is..well Mario :) great talk, a bit hard to follow but indeed contains many interesting points.

really good talk, a good overview of the topic. I have also appreciated the structure of the talk, it can be a clear path to get in depth with personal study.

Anonymous at 22:41 on 1 Dec 2014

Good talk, maybe it gets a bit too complicated at some point, but well delivered nonetheless.

English pronunciation could be better.
There's a lot of code and using the syntax coloring could help the readability.
The contents were good and challenging.
Btw I think I didn't get the point of the talk. I think it's just a "I show you these hacks with Java, but use Scala in the real world"

Anonymous at 14:11 on 5 Dec 2014

Anonymous at 16:03 on 10 Dec 2014

Great talk, Mario is the best, but I feel he delivers better in Italian than in English.

Anonymous at 08:38 on 11 Dec 2014

Anonymous at 15:23 on 16 Dec 2014

This talk was worst of time!
The speaker had such a bad English that it was almost impossibly to follow the speak. By following the slides it seams like the speaker knew what he was talking about, so maybe it would had be better if he had done the speak in his native language (Italian), especial seen in the light of the major participians where Italians.