Keynote - Small Is Beautiful


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Anonymous at 13:02 on 30 Mar 2015

Excellent keynote. It set the audience in a good state of mind for the whole day. Very inspiring and thought provoking. Excellent delivery too. Top class speaker, it was worth coming to Rome just to see this short presentation.

Inspiring and instructive. Honestly I didn't know that to expect and it has been a very pleasant surprise.
I completely agree with his view and I whish I could present like Kevlin does.
For sure I'll look for other Kevlin's speeches on the web and I hope to see him again at Codemotion.

Stimulating and I agree a lot that, as an industry, we are re-inventing the wheel again and again.

Kevlin is a terrific presenter: both of his talks have been quite inspiring for me.

He is really good in keeping audience attention.

Top class speaker, I definitely agree.

Anonymous at 16:51 on 2 Apr 2015

Marvelous, marvelous, marvelous!

Clever, funny, inspiring — that's what a keynote should be like.

Anonymous at 10:19 on 3 Apr 2015


Anonymous at 17:16 on 3 Apr 2015