KEYNOTE- API's, and Data Intensive Applications Composed in Cloud


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Anonymous at 13:02 on 30 Mar 2015

Excellent keynote. It set the audience in a good state of mind for the whole day. Very inspiring and thought provoking. Excellent delivery too. Top class speaker, it was worth coming to Rome just to see this short presentation.

Anonymous at 13:05 on 30 Mar 2015

Disregard the previous rating - it was supposed to be about Kevlin Henney and his "Small is beautiful" keynote.

The IBM keynote was terrible, nothing more than a shameless marketing plug. It was boring, predictable and I don't feel I got anything out of it. It's a shame and a waste of everyone's time.

Anonymous at 14:31 on 30 Mar 2015

I think this keynote was very useful to understand where IBM is ahead and what's going on.
I agree with the main message that the focus should no longer be just the "big company" but, instead, even the single individuals and the start-up that can make the difference.
Maybe this is something that we (individuals and start-up) already know, but it's good to see that IBM agrees with that now.

Anonymous at 15:04 on 30 Mar 2015

Good to know that IBM is another competitor in the cloud computing arena

Anonymous at 15:29 on 30 Mar 2015

E' bello vedere che non รจ solo Microsoft a cambiare pelle

I have no problem in shameless plug speech as long as they share excitement, but, boy, would be more credible if it wear a tie instead of a T-shirt

A good overview on IBM cloud solution. However who does it care of offshore drivers heartbeat?

Rather uninspired marketing appearance topped off with one of the least appealing slide sets. Huge difference in quality to the following two keynotes.