My adventure with Elm


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I am always astonished by presenters like Yan doing live coding with such skill, like doing a snake game in about 10mins, under pressure of being late.

The talk content was good, but I think it lacked a definite direction.
About the same time-frame was reserved to both the underlying design principles and the language syntax.

I had the feeling that newcomers to the fp principles and/or F# syntax were overwhelmed by the information overload. My opinion is that a foreign syntax really gets into the way of understanding what you're trying to do. And there's no way to help: people's attention gets drawn to interpreting the symbols on the screen instead of following the speaker. I can possibly be mistaken, of course.

For those with some experience in FP the talk could've been a nice and practical hands-on session on how to apply fp to building a real, although simple, application. Other than this, there was nothing really new to get.

I so much appreciated the idea to show Bret Victor's work as a video, but even in this case, there was not enough time to examine what was being shown.

To wrap up, the presentation was actually cool, but I think it lacked a clear target audience, and could possibly be best split in two: one showing and evaluating the frp approach, the other showing a practical application.