PHP is the king, nodejs is the prince and Python is the fool


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A great source of inspiration for those who want to start dealing with soa and microservice architectures! Daje cirpo

I'm a bit divided on this one: While the presentation was great, I found the content to be too shallow. It was kind of a "We did this and it worked, we tried that and it didn't work", but without really giving any meaningful reason.
Don't bash technologies (like Python in the title or Ruby in the talk) without going into some detail.

cirpo (Speaker) at 11:07 on 3 Apr 2015

@Philipp thanks for the feedback and I'm sorry: I didn't mean to bash any language or technology.

"Python the fool" in the title doesn't mean that we consider Python inferior to other languages, it's just because we don't use it as much as we do with PHP and JS.
Probably during my talk I didn't express myself correctly: I mentioned "Ruby on rails" (as other technologies) that for sometimes was consider the "holy grail" to build web applications. This is a common thing in our field, aka cargo cult programming, where we have from time to time trendy technologies and devs using them just because is "cool".
In fact my conclusions were "use the right tool" and "open your mind", don't focus on one stack/tech/language.
Again, thanks a lot for your feedback, I will try to deliver a better message next time trying to prevent these misunderstandings.